Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day of 豆浆油条

It was not an entirely a day with just You Zha Quey and Dau Zhui, rather a day I went for a stroll in one of the mall just to spend some time – some funny stuff. First was this very thing that obviously showed you what’s wrong with it…


Then it was these mugs. Look at their prints. There’s Mr Mao saying, “ Serve The People, Serve The World” and Obama saying, “ Change”. Though I could not deny there’s some political message here, but it was quite plain straight forward as the creator did chose the right symbol to convey the message…


Then another shop turned out to be selling these cute girly stuff with really strong fragrance. We spent quite a long time in it. I do like things inside: laces and smell and cute – but no thank you, my skin could not tolerate all laces. But in the end my Mum actually bought little cute teddy for me and my brother. We chose something like a graduation bear and Mum insisted I should get one with a laced white dress... So they now looked like a wedding bear couple than graduation…


The next thing was the meal we had. We came across this stall which was selling You Cha Kueh and stuff like these – but not at a roadside stall or wet market – but in one of the unit. I do miss eating these… We ordered almost everything available in that shop:


Of course we had coffee and you tiao, which is what we always had in the market. I always ate it sole without coffee until I start drinking coffee…


The result after the meal was staggering, look at this! It is literally EMPTIED. I guessed we were just too hungry. Though I would say these food at the market were still best, but the one in this outlet is less oilier or sweet, which is good in some way too…


Photo album here.

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