Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything with Fries

Talking about this, this was a meal eaten last year with a bunch of friends who wanted to taste different food. And we gathered here, at Holland Village. It was a filling meal, with me choosing sandwiches. To rate the sandwich, I would say, it’s a so-so, but I do like the fries. It was not as though they could fry the fries better than McDonald’s but the choices are many – in which I find myself fond of the sweet onion taste. Not bad, even everything else was bad in the shop, just the fries could easily fill your stomach.


The next one would be the variety of drinks. This required you to have really sweet teeth. A normal sweet teeth like me, could feel it is sweet, so you can guess how sweet was the drink. I had butterscotch milkshake, which was really nice. There are Nutella flavour and several others too. Definitely a good try!


Photo album available here.

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