Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy 2011! (VERY Belated)

Argh, see this post is like half a year late! But okay, just to share with you some pictures and also the event… Plus, as now is vacation, the feeling just the same, right? And this is actually a favourite of mine, to look at photos with family, sentimental…


This is the day when I ate more than one serving of crème caramel, greedy me!!! We had our lunch at the Rasa Sayang. Of course, it might not be the best hotel, but it is fair enough for a good lunch…

There were bread, cheese, food of different cuisine and many more…


Of course, after food, we had a walk around the place which brought us to take photos around!


I actually liked the serenity in within…


And of course, we took a look at the nice beaches which actually attracted me no matter how many times I went here. They are not really white sands, but they are white and nice enough. Though, it is quite hot under the sun and my feet will jump if I were to stand long enough on top of the sand. But nonetheless, I love playing with the sand which were soft…


And of course, the coast is beautiful, naturally…


And back to one discovery – we found this acorn-shaped lamps… hahaha!


It’s a good trip after all…


These are the links to albums of the photos taken from my camera and Pleasure’s.

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