Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transformation Going On

If you are loading this page and you thought you were seeing some awkward patterns or design on the site, do not fear – it was perfectly okay. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I actually try to make a change to the blog except the one that change the background when Blogger changed its interface. That’s why, my blog was still running on old html system, which was quite lengthy, difficult to make edits but yet save and secure. So, the idea now is to make use of all the ready-made widgets and plugins while editing their source code to my preference. I am yet to come out with a complete plan of my site’s outlook, but I guess things will come up along the way. Though, do not worry as I will still post up new blog posts as I am actually already quite behind of the events going on. Have a nice day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Meal with Pizza (Images are for Illustration Purposes Only)


This was actually a meal when I went back last time. It had been so long since we actually do visit the Pizza Hut outlet because the food stalls around, not just traditional but new ones, were just mushrooming. Pizzas we consumed were normally those we ordered online or by phone due to reasons like too busy to go out, too lazy to go out or just plain hungry at the wrong time. So, when we decided to go for Pizza Hut, it was like ‘yay!’. And I actually looked at the menu as though I was some archaic individual. Well, the four of us were looking at the menu like aliens, because we usually ordered our familiar pizza and there were actually so many styles new now. Hence we tried to order this one with six types of cheese: Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone, Monterey Jack and Romano. And the product was not really as seen in the photo, hence the post title, haha!


Other than that, we do, of course, ordered some other pizzas and side dishes, which were really nice, especially when you are hungry!


The favourite of mine other than nice pizza was actually this, the chicken wing. Albeit the healthiness of this dish, the taste is really superb and nicely cooked.


But of course, their lasagne was not really very nicely done – or should I say, maybe is just that day or it’s because we take that dish last. Yups!


But overally, Pizza Hut is still serving as the place for family meals well Sourire.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Update of My Life

Someone was knocking on heaven’s door, knock… knock… knock… - it was not heaven’s door, someone next door was knocking on the wall, just behind my seat, for the whole day – tick-tock-ing, reminding me the way time revolves just as we didn’t notice how it went by, silently yet with great prices. It was this that meant how much I had left out my blog. I tried to update stuff that happened around me, but there were too much of them and I was still compiling things like photos and read-ups so that I can make sure my posts are quality. As, that was actually my goal – to improve myself in all aspect. Back to the issue of posting, the last one which I updated about my current self, was about the day I’ve gotten my exam result for my last semester – pardon me while I show my shocked face and skip around the building. Back! Come on, I should summarize what had happened so far…

After the exam result was released, I graduated from NUS, attending the commencement on the 7th of July, 2011. Meanwhile, I followed the crowd in job hunting, searching for the job that suits me best. Lots of rejection, numerous of ignorance, several of ‘interesting’ event – and I was now having one job offer and will be going for it as a first try into the society. Though, before I was given a work permit, I am still jobless, technically. This is a period of my life when I seriously thought I was wasting my life away. It was moody at first but I was lucky, to have so many loved ones around me – giving me encouragement, advices, support – really thankful for all these. So, now things seemed to look positive. I take this as a time to outgrow myself from a routine school life, an improvement stage where I get to improve myself, either academically, spiritually, mentally, physically – my choose. So basically, my life was spent on learning how to connect with my friends, getting back my hobbies such as drawing and reading, doing some casual exercises and dance a little in my little room, read up materials of all type – from science to history, food to music – knowledge was not just about what our majors are. I took this advice from a sentence of Dr Fairey, great people of ancient times were experts in many fields – not specialists – and their greatness were remembered until now. But anyway, yes, I did loads of things as well, taking photos for art senses, writing, languages, exploring, helping friends on stuff, decorating my room… Life went on pretty fulfilling and I am still searching more ways to make my life more meaningful. I prepared myself mentally and went for Upheavel in Europe lecture, crashed another political science class and learned from different people. I guess, if you – I mean, YOU, who is reading this, is not doing all you can in your life – do that now! You will be surprised how much you could do.

And more recent one would be today’s medical check up, which lacked X-ray. I still can’t get pass sensory test without giggles and need to go back tomorrow for the X-ray. Other than that, Heather will be coming to Singapore for attachment and I will be welcoming her. It was actually great, to hear friends coming over. What’s more, there will be several events from CLHSSSA coming up. I’m looking forward to it, serious. And now – when I’m talking about quality postings, I’m now writing a structurally skewed post. But, all the same, it’s midnight and I’ve got to sleep and wake up early – Loads to do for the new day coming. So, see you guys!

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