Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dragon-i with Family

This is yet another trip with my family. This time, Pleasure was not here because he was busy doing something else (this sentence doesn't bring any meaning). The point is, we get to eat nice food! We went to Queensbay Mall and went to Dragon-i. I think we were late for lunch, that's why we never need to queue up  for the seats. The place were quite busy though. We ordered Xiao Long Bao, of course and with other dishes. Mainly it was Mummy who ordered since I have no idea what to have except Xiao Long Bao, haha!


And this is the rather cold chicken. It's interestingly spiced up but too bad, due to its coldness, my parents were not too fond of it. They were just too used to warm Chinese food :)!


I had this dessert. I liked the coldness, but thing is I was too full at that time and I didn't manage to finish that  item in the end. That's really sad...


The food here were quite nice and it looked rather good in environment as well. Though, if you prefer hawker and local cooked food, then there is a certain different between the both. I would say they held each's advantage. That's why, we as the consumer will get the best deal by getting to choose or alternate between different style of cooking...

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