Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tea Party (Not the Tea Party You Might Thought)


Yes, Tea Party! This was taken when I went back for vacation as well. One thing I had always looked forward to when I get back home was to have tea. Tea time could be spend by having some tea at home, when Mummy will get us tea, or we create our own tea – and sometimes, this was accompanied by cookies or snacks. But of course, if you went for a tea house, it would be nice too! I particularly like it when there’s no one in the tea house because I will have the whole evening there, having tea and even cakes. Some do like scones but I’m not a huge fan of it. I preferred cakes, of course. Winter Warmer was one of the destination we would go if we wanted some tea or we just need a late lunch. The sandwiches there is superb and of course they have the environment – though it could be messy sometimes when it was peak hour…


Having tea was always there – but my observation towards teapots and teacups were a more recent activities – maybe around three years back. Some of the teacups were delicately designed to formed shapes as you pour in your tea, like the heart shape. Some teacups are simple with printed designs and some were really decorated. It’s interesting how much you could explore if you are really into Tea.


All in all, nothing beats drinking tea and having a good time with your family. Because other than treating your GIS with these food, you talked, joked, updated each other. You sit on comfortable chairs and started to look out into the sunny sky, feeling the relaxation. Sometimes, I would bring along a book or two and just spend time in there. It’s like in coffee shop, just that you are with the tea… And Papa and Mummy might exchange interesting news which could be really funny sometimes. Nowadays, when people started to have phones and droids and whatever, people tend to eat while facing their phone, pressing along the way. I think having tea this way, is really an art that not much people might find themselves have a chance. For that, I look forward to more tea the next time I return home.

For your information, I always wished I would one day have a sun room myself and have a tea…

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