Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trying Something New in Sakae


This is really something happened really, really long time back then. It was one of the holidays when I went back home. I don’t know why but going back home had been many times associated with food. And the food I mentioned, was not just local food but it does sometimes include many really nice food or even really bad food which we discovered together, as a family. I would say, having this meal in Sakae actually meant something to me.

My taste buds were always the one who lead the trend in the family. For example, we had our first taste of Pizza Hut when I was around six. At that time, the whole family did not like the taste except me, who gobbled the whole thing. The whole family didn’t step into that outlet since then, until when I was in secondary school and we started to accept the taste and even liked pizza. Same as that, my parents weren’t a great fan of Japanese and Korean food. And it was recently, with Korean dramas airing in the air, Mummy did tried Korean food and we had been visiting Korean cuisine outlet for some times. Sakae, for all this times, were the outlet I went with my friends or with my brother. I guess, partly due to her trying Japanese food after Korean, or partly because I went for study leaving her to accompany my brother to that outlet – the result now is that she actually eats Japanese food. And that’s when it’s not just these food, but also sushi. To think back, this actually made me thought of the evolution of the taste of the family along the time.

This photo was taken for the time when, yes you heard it right, my Mummy suggested to eat in Sakae. I was quite surprised as normally she wouldn’t suggest the place, even though she did eat there. I am very grateful as I take it as her wishing to let me eat something I like. This is very kind of her. As a matter of fact, the meal turned out to be another surprised as I don’t usually order sets like this (photo) because it is just quite expensive. Usually, I would just have a green tea and pick out some of the small dish of sushi to fill my tummy. Mummy then suggested why not I try the sets. I was, of course, delighted. I felt, all of sudden, being so touched and nothing could explain what I felt. The set is really a big portion. The taste is nonetheless good. Of course I wouldn’t know how does a original taste like, but this meal suits my taste. The soup, especially, is my favourite. Octopus is just not my cup of tea but the rest are really good!

To me, how does this meal taste is merely the surface meaning. What reminds me most, was how excited and grateful I was to this meal. I thank my parents for loving me so much!

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