Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beary Shopping

Just on the same shopping day for the youzhaquay and dau hua, we entered this shop selling cute stuff, especially lacy stuff! Seriously, I won’t really enter such shop if I were alone but Mummy, Pleasure and me went in no doubt. I do sneeze a bit of the fragrant inside but we get to observe all the interesting craft inside. Although it is a bit too exaggeratingly lacy, but I would not deny all these things are art craft! So we ended up buying something… Mummy let me and Pleasure choose one little bear each. But I was eyeing on this scholar bear, due to the date is near to my graduation.


But Mummy was expecting me to get a girly bear, like this:


After times of considering, all reasons are valid. Since Mummy wants me to have a rather girly bear because I’m a girl, and I want that scholar bear because I am going to graduate – so in the end, I got the privilege of getting two, haha!


But seriously speaking, the two looks quite compatible together. I wouldn’t doubt if someone just thought the two are meant to be wedding bears. But anyway, the shop worker added some perfume on them, so they smell rather fragrant when I hand them around my room Sourire!


The album is here.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joyeusse Anniversaires!

Here comes the day when I will have to do the same thing every year, my birthday. Right after Hallowe’en, it is my birthday; and right after mine, it’s my brother, Pleasure’s. So, being so far away from him, as we were pursuing our education in different university, I decided to draw something for us, for the birthdays. We used to share cake when we were young and slowly after that we started to have our own cakes, which landed us with two big cakes when November comes. But nonetheless, we would always finish the cake. This year’s drawing is themed around one of our funny memories. My brother successfully got to eat my ice cream while I was trying to collect something from the floor. Other than that, it was mixed with a memory of suspenders. I could still I used to think they were cool but just too difficult to wear because we kept growing taller and need to adjust the length accordingly all the time. Until one day, I realize, no one wear suspenders anymore (at least it’s not a need anymore).

Other than that, I was very lucky to celebrate my birthday in hall as well, even though I had left hall after graduation. Stephanie actually said she needed a pair of listening ears to her presentation practice, and so I accepted the invitation. They actually got me a slice of cake which was really very nice with chocolate, banana and oats. I have to say, it’s a special cake!

Of course the first thing was to make a wish, blow the candle and happily cut the cake….

I was given a calendar-like card and two bags of present, which was really lovely. Here is me trying to open my present so that they could see my surprise and happy look, haha. Seriously, I am really very happy about it. No matter what was it, I would gladly appreciate, that’s for sure.

What is more important was that I could still celebrate my birthday with a bunch of friends. Here is a photo of G3 girls as a group. We were always that crazy, I assume – well, we ARE that crazy all the time!

And we took loads of photos. Really appreciate these people who took some time out of their schedule to celebrate my birthday. That's the greatest honour I could get, I think.

And Stephanie gave me extra food when I went to listen to her presentation practice as well… These were really good. I had finished the chips and it’s addictive. Lucky it wasn’t a lot…

And what happened to the card? As what they had suggested, I left it on my office table. It made the office more cheerful, I have to say. It seemed to mark the table as mine, giving some sense of belonging. I enjoyed reading all the messages from friends and I really can't show them here as I thought maybe we should leave it as a privacy - something I know, you know and everyone else don't know - kind of thing. And they even printed out my photos, which really made me flashback to my three plus half year in NUS - as a student or a lab tech. The time that we had spent, were not nothing - they might not make it to the headline, but they are as important as anything could be, because you never know what will come your way if all these never happen.

As for the present, it was a French press for coffee and a packet of coffee powder. To be honest, I was awed. My first coffee was during my high school and I had since learned about coffee as in what's their content, how to roast the beans and how to prepare them. Though not explicitly trying to make my own coffee, I do have interest in it - who am I kidding? I have always had interest in many weird things. But my problem was, I only like certain coffee. Throw me thousands of packets of 3 in 1 coffee, I would leave them there to rot - I'm serious. So far, Starbucks and Coffee beans were still the normal ones I get to drink. And this present really gave me a new window, a coffee maker for me to make my own coffee. I did experiment on it a bit and learn here and there, hands on. I really appreciate this, really - and I realized my tea time was somehow shifted from tea-drinking to trying to French press my coffee. Oops, I should balance out my love then, ha!


All in all, I shall thank all these people, from the bottom of my heart. It's always funny to blog about my own birthday - doing my own birthday video. But I guess, it's the best respect I could give to these fellows who are so kind to me. Thank you everyone - for everything! :)

And here is a video of me the few minutes before my birthday... Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Wetware: A computer in every living cell

If anyone would want to find a book for some revision and knowledgeenforcement, I would recommend this – Wetware:A Computer in Every Living Cell by Dennis Bray. My first impression to thebook was of the simple and clear cut message, but it was more than just that.Bray had successfully transformed the very core of cell biology into passagesof easily-read chapters. He had started his book with a question to eitherhimself and his readers about the conscience of amoeba, on how a simple celllike that could survive, and live mechanism which could be mirrored on severalaspect in higher level organisms, for an instance the human!
Not only that I admire the way Bray supported each and every point ofhis with examples, which was an amazing piece for a Science person like me. Oneof the few which caught my attention wasStentor roeselii for its amazing mechanism as a single cell organism andthe Walter’s tortoise, which for a person like me had never heard of. Not onlydid Bray inserted biological examples with computational samples, his bookextended the understanding towards the living system to the aspect from Physicsand Chemistry such as using the chaotic system and diffusion kinetics. Digitalage had been devouring us so fast that all our generations think of computerswere laptops, droids and phones. Indeed, computer was more than that and hadcame a long way down the history, from something which we might not haverecognized at all. If you think this book were some introductory books forreally basic sciences, then again, you might not be overall-y right. Bray didslot in chapters based on specific cell biology such as mechanisms of enzymeslike glutamine synthase or nature of protein with its counterparts.
Last but not least, Bray had sent us his message of the title of thebook, by showing us one by one, step by step, how would cell be in comparisonto computers. Though, he did not give out a certain and definite answer, hedefinitely gave us evidences to support his idea and delivered the message,comparing cells and computers in many aspects. Reading this book does not onlygive us an insight of his idea, but open up our mind to more viable perceptionswhich we might have forgotten, ignored or even unknown of. To me, it serves asa good basic revision of what I have known of cell biology, but this time,reading it in a different style of language – one that many would understand. Enfin, I shall conclude that I enjoyedreading this book – a pleasure, I would say.

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