Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beary Shopping

Just on the same shopping day for the youzhaquay and dau hua, we entered this shop selling cute stuff, especially lacy stuff! Seriously, I won’t really enter such shop if I were alone but Mummy, Pleasure and me went in no doubt. I do sneeze a bit of the fragrant inside but we get to observe all the interesting craft inside. Although it is a bit too exaggeratingly lacy, but I would not deny all these things are art craft! So we ended up buying something… Mummy let me and Pleasure choose one little bear each. But I was eyeing on this scholar bear, due to the date is near to my graduation.


But Mummy was expecting me to get a girly bear, like this:


After times of considering, all reasons are valid. Since Mummy wants me to have a rather girly bear because I’m a girl, and I want that scholar bear because I am going to graduate – so in the end, I got the privilege of getting two, haha!


But seriously speaking, the two looks quite compatible together. I wouldn’t doubt if someone just thought the two are meant to be wedding bears. But anyway, the shop worker added some perfume on them, so they smell rather fragrant when I hand them around my room Sourire!


The album is here.

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