Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Day!!!

My Christmas Day video was video-ed late at night, same as the previous ones. I had been playing for the whole day, that’s why. First of all scenes, I entered with my excitement of finding my ‘fez’, no seriously – my Santa hat! After days of searching for it – Papa actually found it in my drawers, how could that happened? But not to question more as I’m glad enough to find it back. And I spent my Christmas Day waking up rather normally, nor too early to bounce on bed shrieking ‘presents!’ nor too late until I miss the lunch. We had buffet for lunch, which was pretty ‘traditional’ and good. We had it in Golden Sands, which we booked a table the day before. And I realized I had goodbyed the days when I could really eat a lot during buffet meals. I picked few of each and that’s it for my tummy. But still, I love buffet in a sense that I can choose what I want to eat instead of following the majority. I could start my meal with desserts, for example. Not that I did that, but I started my dessert rather early. But of course, the dessert arrangement for Golden Sands were with whole puddings and cakes on the platter and we cut off the portion we wanted. It’s good that I can take how much I need instead of what they give, but at the same time, the food tend to deformed easily after being dissected by the public over and over again. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the meal.
After lunch, we had a walk in Gurney, which is just around the corner as we drove along the Tanjung Bunga road, passing by Batu Feringghi which I admired all the time but couldn’t get a chance to go due to the crowd. I got myself two books as Christmas presents: My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher and a Basic German book. I initially wanted to get a John Green book, but didn’t manage to find one. German book was now a great motivation to remind myself my goal to learn a new language. Later that day, I saw Sherlock on one of the channels, which surprised me as the only BBC channel I had was BBC World News.
Of course, as I had already planned that since the first video of this project, I ended the video with the mix of all twelve sentences of the Shrek version of ‘12 Days of Christmas’. I hope you like it!
Last, it was my promise to all of you my reader or my viewer, a Christmas present to all of you. It is my work, a Christmas short story I attempted. I hope you enjoy and comment about it. I am still learning to write, so good advice will help!
The link for the story is here, titled ‘The Forgotten Santa’:

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