Monday, January 16, 2012

Fifth Day before Christmas

The day I went back home for Christmas, I did my video before the trip in the office after my office hour, dragging the time. It was a lonely day because most people were on leave that day and I was strictly speaking, the guard of my lab. But of course, different personnel took leave at different timing gave good things like we can make sure someone is operating the lab and everything. And since I was in the office and I had no idea if I ever would have the chance of making a video in Changi, I made this video a rather introduction of my work nature.

I couldn’t reveal in detail what I did because that was and always is confidential. In return, I explained what I did in a rather rough manner, to at least draw out a wide idea of what a lab technologist do! I find a good introduction of my work may be a good way to make other people understand about us more. Plus, I was just too excited about my job that I must share it with someone else! So, here you go Sourire!

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