Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fourth and Third Day before Christmas

It’s funny how I am posting about my previous trip home when I’m on vacation back home again in less than or almost a month. But this is no awkward situation to me as I should be thick-face enough for that after so many similar occurrence. Well, let’s not deviate this further and continue with my adventure of the fourth and third day before Christmas.

As expected, I was late in video-ing my video after I reached home. I didn’t manage to video anything in Changi, nor did I manage to video a log on the fourth day as well. In the end, I had to combine the two days together, featuring certain small things I did. Interesting mentions like the market should be featured. This is the very thing I missed about home as well. So much as I don’t really enjoy an everyday-routine of going to the market, the market trip was a really precious one when I went to Singapore. It was a dry plus wet market, with hawker stall, occupying streets and junctions. The stalls in this market was not pre-built cubicles but ‘trolleys’ of stalls, which could really be moved around. As time passed on, things get so systematic and arranged that we don’t get this kind of market anymore around. The name of the market was known as something else, but we called it ‘Apollo’ because in older days, this piece of land was a factory producing the snack ‘Apollo’! Anyone who knows Raja Uda should know and visit this market. They don’t look clean or neat, they don’t sell high end or advanced stuff; but it was a different feeling that makes you feel the street spirit!

Next, I watched Sherlock Holmes 2 film. In between this film and the last film, I watched Sherlock series by BBC, so I could make a few differences between them. However, the film was not totally bad or anything. I enjoyed the visual effects though not the plot. Some scenes actually reminded me of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Especially the running through the forest part, but in Sherlock Holmes’ this part was an enhanced carbon copy I would say. Watched this movie with my parents, but because of the ticket limit, my seat was three seats away from them…

After all these, Tzu Cha was the most common thing I could mention because when I get back home, the whole family would eat in tzu cha stall, be it a restaurant or stall. Tzu Cha is very common in Penang that it was like the usual for families who eat out. My family rarely had time to cook because of our schedule, eating out at tzu cha is like memories with my family! And with that, it actually made me precious more when my parents did cook at home!

And I guess that’s all for this part of the video…

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