Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One Day Out with Family

Oh my, I can’t believe I can postpone a post for a year, but still I did this before, so what can I say? All I can do is to post this up and try my best in updating more in future, right? This post is about the day when my family had an outing. First we spent our afternoon in Queensbay because we wouldn’t want to walk on outdoor activities under the blazing sun, would we? And by accident, we actually had our meal in Dome, which is ridiculously more expensive than usual but at the same time really satisfying meal. So things made up, except that Papa have to pay for it *hides*, haha…

What was so interesting about Dome, to me, was not just it serves food quite of standard, but also the things inside the outlet. For example, I was particularly attracted to the map ceiling like that, with few paintings:


So, since the table there were quite small, me and Pleasure had one table while our parents had another. And we had really good food.


See, even their sugar packet looks classy, haha!


This is the one I had since I haven’t had any breakfast:


Pleasure had a salad which turned out to be quite good and filling. Even I drooled over it, seeing its deliciousness…


And we had each ordered different drinks, which looked quite similar roughly but tasted differently. I had forgotten the name of the order, sorry about it here…


After the meal, we travelled to Botanic Gardens for the supposed ‘flower festival’.


Either we had got the date wrong or because it was just a weekday, the garden was rather deserted, The flowers displayed were not as superb as usual as well. But no matter, we paid for the tram and had a small tour inside…


And outside the garden were stalls selling plants for domestics and we had a round in it. Papa was standing waiting us, since we took a rather long time to visit each and every of them…


The sky that day was quite beautiful, not all cloudy and not all shiny, a nice day to have an outing indeed…


So in the end I got myself a small cactus while my Mummy bought some different plants. We took a tram back to our car and continue our journey Sourire!


This is the place where I used to wonder where the staircases lead to…


And finally we reached where we wanted to visit, Straits Quay. The first thing I felt when I arrived was calm and peace. I guess, that might due to its newness or the space.


This is the particular view which I find, wow!


Just by looking how the place was arranged and how it was displayed made your heart just went calm. As a vacation, I wouldn’t mind sitting just here, enjoying the breeze while doing something rather relaxing.


And after having enough of the outdoors, we went indoors. Seriously, if you are finding something fun to do outside there, there’s nothing much except the view and feelings. There are literally no hawker stalls except some shop houses for food and good place for photography. They don’t allow you to swim, of course, as it’s a quay! So, yeah, that’s about it. The indoors were made quite splendid although not of a big size.


And there’s this spiral staircases which many would find more attraction in taking group photos on it…


The entrance of the whole place was rather of a moderate manner, with some delicate designs and seemed to be white washed buildings, except they weren’t as white washed as the Mediterranean’s. But the colour was quite satisfying, I would say…


I would say that I’m rather ashamed of this late post and having my first post in this new year as such thing, but I couldn’t lie, could I?

This is the album for the trip.

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