Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Reunion Video Trailer for 12th Batch Chung Ling Butterworth Graduate

Truly speaking, this video has nothing to do to me because I am the 15th batch of graduate. Though, I could get the excitement aura from it because I was from the same school, Chung Ling Butterworth during secondary school and proceeded to Chung Ling High School Butterworth, which technically was the same school. They themed their reunion 《那些年》, the title of a film that was quite 'popular' in the sense of wakening all those 'old' people of their lovely carefree past. Though, in this video, I could relate more, I guess it was just because the settings was a place I grew up. We had times when we were just exhausted of activities and slept in between lessons. We had times when we went for sports and especially the guys would just play till they get themselves in mud. We had times when our teacher will 'pay someone a visit' or 'have a talk'. And the thing is, school life is so much more than this. I wonder if there will ever be a video which could bring all back, not just certain aspect. I think, that will be the rojak of school life... But anyway, I share this video so for your entertainment if you have nothing to do with it, or for message spreading if this video is calling for you to return back to our old school. Cheers! :)

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