Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Second Day Before Christmas: Christmas Eve

A very late video about Christmas Eve, in fact I was supposed to be in bed. Thus, that explained about me in my pyjamas. Yes, I wear proper pyjamas at home. To be truth, this video contained mostly craps I mumbled when I was sleepy, but it’s still interesting! I had Mee Goreng that day, which reminded me how I can’t really find that kind of Mee Goreng in Singapore, yet. And for dinner, I had meal at this stall which cooked really good Assam Prawn. At the same time, we were informed someone will not come back home for Christmas and I was laughing at the coincidence of me coming back home because I don’t want to break the tradition of being the first to not coming back home for Christmas.

And after like three days at home, with an average attempt of finding my old Santa hat, I still can’t find it! So, I was quite upset and became more upset when I found my birthday present from my parents which turned out to be the Papa Smurf soft toy! He had a red hat, which could have been so matching to my Santa hat!!! But no matter, I decided to name it ‘Smurfy’ and added him to my soft toy collection. Sourire

And here goes my sleepy Christmas Eve post, welcoming the Christmas Day…

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