Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tenth Day before Christmas

Postponed the tenth day before Christmas to be done in the early morning of ninth day before Christmas, because I had been playing too much by staying over in friend’s hostel! I guess I was seriously having too much fun that I misread the eleventh day’s line instead of tenth day’s. That day was a supposed day for swimming after my work. Halfway towards hall, it started drizzling and I encountered a snake slithered just across the road in front of me!

I was stunned but decided not to disturb the environment and quickened my footsteps to hall. We decided to wait till the rain stop by watching an episode of Doctor Who (more of me keep advertising Rire). We had ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ a rather heart warming episode which is individual enough for beginners. Sounds like I’m giving out lecture on Doctor Who, eh? What happened was, we finish the episode to find the rain becoming heavier. Lucky we never defy the odds and went for swimming or we would have been thrown out of pool even before we finish a lap. We ended up watching quite a few series and talked. I felt happy to have someone to watch Doctor Who with me!!!

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