Saturday, January 14, 2012

Twelfth Day before Christmas

This day looked like nothing but I did something crazy! After my ex-roomie left the house, denying to pay rent for the following months, I had the room for myself and I came to serious thinking. This is the time I should try to make the space feels home, even for a mere four months. So, I made a rough calculation of space and came up with a simple shifting plan. I was surprised I could just push the whole cupboard around the room because it was pretty light after half of the cupboard was emptied! In another sense, the arrangement I ended up with had a certain similarity with my old room at home. And the exciting thing is there’s a big space in the middle of the room now that I can literally sit down and have a tea or just do some art work there! But there’s the other side of it of course. The light bulb was not no longer on top of my study because it was shifted to next to the window. In the morning, it wouldn’t have any problem due to the sunlight but at night? This is when my desk lamp come into use. The arrangement had made the wiring less messy and a better arrangement in lalachacha stuff (my dictionary define this as ‘all those loose ends of stuff’). I spent the whole night cleaning and had this video. But after this, the whole room felt very comfortable, hooray!

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