Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Your Circles of Life


This was a photo taken like very long time ago. I would guess it was last year or even before that :O. One of the best things that could ever happen when I went back home for vacation was to meet up with old friends. I mean, of course, the moment I step on the earth back in Penang, I would want to spend every minute and every second I've got with my family. Just by lying down and talk with my Mummy was just splendid and a very good way to pass the time, in my opinion. But more often, after days of snuggling at home, my family would start  to remind me of catching up with my friends, especially my parents. They were always very concerned of how I should socialize outside the family circle. I guess, that's their way to force me to train myself to be more extrovert. And don't worry, I do enjoy the time I had with my friends, just that most of the time (I'm sorry, folks) I was just not the initiator.


But of course, this was like two years ago. What we have been through had changed so much until now. I should mention more about it in my future post where I will feature more about my outings with them! I could never believe I actually have this circle of friend in my life, truly lucky!

Photo album available here.

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