Friday, February 03, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

This time, I will put the video at the later part as I wish to express myself first. As you should have noticed the title of the post, this post is about New Year Day (so much of a ‘new year’ when it was a month ago). Something different from previous year was I had decided to make a reflection and resolution. Life is too short to waste away years and years not knowing where you want to go, isn’t it?

My reflection on 2011 was not complicated, nor simple. Some great things about 2011 were that I graduated from my undergrad degree. Although I did not graduate as some top scorer of the class or the Student of the year sort of thing, I had had an amazing journey to grow up. I will leave such emotions on my graduation posts. By that, I went through a period of job seeking days. Then I got a job, which is acceptable and interesting! On the last evening of 2011, I played softball, concluding an eventful year. I went to a temple with my friends: Carmen, Sharlene and Ken Juin, to witness the celebration of New Year 2012. They hit the gong for 108 times, we prayed and wished each other Happy New Year. I called back home to greet my parents and phone my brother to wish him. It was incredible!

Later I visited the rest in one of the hostel room. They had a session of steamboat and resolution thing. I wasn’t very organized at that moment, but I promised to put it up. So here it is:


Ignore vision and mission because these were meant to be a long term thing. My goals for this year are as listed. First, I would want to remind myself of my intention to learn German. Why? I have many random reason. One funny  thought was, ‘I would like to conquer Europe, in the language sense’. I guess I was wondered by Germany’s history and it’s probably the next language after French which I have some idea. Plus, German is of a different language family from the Latin family. I guess it would be a thrilling experience! Second, continuing to be a good person. I assume it sounds easy but not as simple as just saying. I will watch my step! Third, it is something about my dream to become a scientist – curious more, ask more and research more, very clear! Fourth, write. I would like either continue writing my story or start by trying some small scale fictions. If even I had a chance, maybe I will turn into a Grammar Nazi – an irony for me as I was always scolded for my retarded grammar mistakes when I was young. Fifth, make better videos!!! Yes, I started to do videos in 2011, which was just absurd. I am generally shy, I guess – that I don’t really talk to people as in a real talk. And now I am thinking of making videos – so much of my experience after being the videographer for KEWOC during second year in university. Sixth, I would want to make sure I swim more and stay healthy. Actually I would wish myself to actually cut down my weight from overweight. It is a hard thing to do, unfortunately. But still, I won’t give up. Stay healthy as first thing – lowering down from overweight is next. If this year I tried and I fail, next year I will continue. No matter if it takes years, because I know it’s for my own good… So, I guess I had roughly stated my goals of the year and let’s see if I stick to any!

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