Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looking for Alaska by John Green


Had been searching for John Green’s book in the store and it was difficult until I found the one in library. The thing is, many people are reading the same thing and I had to wait till I get the book and didn’t even get the time to read it until I need to return the book because someone else was waiting for it. I was amazed by I could finish this book in almost three days. Another record after my two-hour read of Harry Potter.

Looking for Alaska by John Green might not bring you to the wonder world of elves and hobbits, but it brings you to the mind of teenagers. I was not very into the vulgar languages, smoking and sexual stuff in that book, but I was quite interested in exploring the character’s growth through the incidence. The book was about this boy, Miles going to a boarding school to find his ‘Great Perhaps’. Divided into ‘before’ and ‘after’, the book ventured Miles’s experience of knowing his new friends, getting to know Alaska and falling in love and into a triangle. At the same time, he was exposed to different family background and of course, loads of thinking through as he grew up. The book told the picture of carefree school life but also the process of going through and out of it. The focus concentrate on Alaska’s death in a car accident after she was drunk, upset and sped out of the school in the middle of the night. Affected by that incident by alot, was the closer friends: Miles, Colonels, Takumi and perhaps, Lara. Miles knew he loved Alaska, but then he realized how little he knew about her. This was quite true for many school days’ relationship. But of course, the story was not just about that. In the process of finding the truth of Alaska’s death, in the process of knowing her more, Miles reckoned he had found answers to many things. This indicated how this incident had changed their lives when they grew out of it.

Personally, this is quite an interesting book. Though at first I was quite of a dozing off with the usual school life venues. But the meaning was there. My life may be so different from what they went through, but it is definitely a book for us to understand about an experience of love and loss, at the same time understanding our directions in life.

And here is some of my ‘answers’ to the Discussion section in the book.

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