Saturday, February 04, 2012

Not-So Grad Trip: Singapore Art Museum

Just nearby CHIJMES, stood this beautiful building, hidden behind a row of trees. If it was not because of the giant balloons which were displayed at that time, I would have missed it. It is now known as the Singapore Art Museum, gazetted on 14 February 1992. Before that, it was a school named St Joseph Institution. It was a chapel before that, built by Father J. B. Boucho in 1832. In fact, the construction of this chapel had a lot to do with CHIJMES and the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, as shown in the reference below.

Half Day Trip in Singapore

You could still tell it was a school as the title was still there now. I did not know I could produce my student card and enter the exhibition for free hence I walked around the exterior of the building before wandering off to my new location!

Half Day Trip in SingaporeHalf Day Trip in Singapore
Half Day Trip in SingaporeHalf Day Trip in Singapore


1) Tan, Bonny. “Former St Joseph’s Institution (Singapore Art Museum”. December 2009.

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