Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Hunger Games Trilogy: Mockingjay


I would say it was lucky that Mockingjay was there ever-ready after Catching Fire instead of us waiting another half year for the next book. Mockingjay is the last book of the three in The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, a continuation of the cliffhanger left at the end of the previous book. In this book, the story depicted Katniss’s experience after being rescued by Rebel and into District 13 and her journey portraying as Mockingjay, as in the title. District 13 was the long lost district, which were used to mine graphite and nuclear weapons before the Dark Days. It was revealed that they were not wiped out but stayed underground, under the deal with the Capitol to stay dead. But now, they were ready to rise. Its president, President Coin, was assisted by many others. In this, Katniss was asked to become the icon of uprising, rising the spirit in each district as District 13 overtook other districts. At a comparison, Katniss find District 13, though friendly and safe, was as controlling as the Capitol. President Coin had not gave Katniss a very good impression either. Meanwhile, Peeta was tortured before being rescued back to District 13. Gale helped out in weapon research. In the process, of overtaking the Capitol, Katniss lose her sister, Prim through an attack, which was later revealed by President Snow as an act of President Coin. Katniss then realized either side, President Snow or Coin, both were empowering and cruel and power-hungry. Katniss killed President Coin while President Snow died during the chaos. The story ended with Katniss back in District 12, starting her life again as the Panem formed their new republic. Later she found Peeta too.Katniss couldn’t see Gale as same as before since the bomb that killed Prim might be his creation. Hence, Gale had left and worked in other district. Later in the epilogue, Katniss was a few years older. She had a girl and a boy with Peeta, wondering how would the story, the history of Panem affect her children…

This book, was as good as the first one, from my perspective. The story was superb. It might not be a complicated story but it was really heart capturing.

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