Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Journal Summary: Experimental Evolution of Multicellularity

One of the activity that kept me busy was a preparation for this presentation. It would be easier to get momentum if I were still a student, but it's because I'm now working, I could actually use my time outside working hour to work on that. Some would reckoned why would I want to be in such a business after I could finally throw everything academic behind. But the reason is, I missed academics deeply after graduation. Somehow all those drills and tasks I had been through during my undergraduate years had made me addicted to writing essays, doing presentations, reading stuff and can't really sit still and do nothing unless I am filling something inside my head.
So when I was given a chance to present something in journal club, it was a mixed feeling. It definitely need an effort for me to go back to life reading journals and analyse them, but on the other hand, I enjoyed the chore. I picked up a rather easy one since I started to get confused with those jargon-filled one. It was about evolutionary biology and the presentation read as such:

Source of the journal article:

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