Monday, March 26, 2012

Not-So Grad Trip: Singapore Cricket Club

Half Day Trip in Singapore

Near the supreme court, or the Victoria concert hall, or anywhere else around that area, you would have recognize this piece of green field. There are in fact two sports club opposite to each other at the two end of the field, the SRC and SCC. I happened to pass by SCC, Singapore Cricket Club, which was quite near the bridge around the corner of Raffles Hotel. I had learned about many things happening in SCC during my Singapore Studies class in NUS. In fact, it is one of the reason people here are still playing crickets and it had become something popular during the British time. As the plate stated, it’s gazetted as well.

Since I am not a member, nor am I invited to visit the place on an official cause, all I can do or dare to do was walk around that building. This led me to find this very interestingly small door. Even at my height, I have to crouch a bit for that. But of course, the instruction showed it was not meant for standing people like me. I guess that’s because the main entrance was a staircase…

Half Day Trip in SingaporeHalf Day Trip in Singapore

Continuing the trip, I could see the gate to the verandah in the club is opened/ajar… I was so tempted to just walk in but to obey the principle, I did not. Instead, I peered a bit over had a look at the sports facility over there. Apparently, it was not just about cricket huh? There are some multi-purpose court in there! And of course, you could still see the field after the court and on the other side, yes, that is the SRC!

Half Day Trip in SingaporeHalf Day Trip in Singapore

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