Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poisson D’Avril!


It’s 1st of April, so let’s skip all the time-travel posts and enjoy such a day! I have always thought April Fools’ was just another day to trick someone else; but I guess for grownups, this might be the day when they have some reason to be less serious. No particular personal bias or whatever, I just noticed that some or many grownups, at least among those around me, had been taking things too seriously. Sometimes, I wished to just ask, “Why so Sirius?” but obviously, I still haven’t do that. Anyway, for you all, old or young, big or small, rich or poor etc, at least for one day – be merry!

Another interesting thing about this day is its tradition in France. In French, people says ‘Poisson D’Avril’ which literally means ‘Fish of the April’. So, what they did was they will actually tag someone’s back with a fish-shaped paper and called ‘Poisson D’Avril’. I’m not sure if the tricks are limited to just sticking a paper fish, but – what a cute calling – Poisson D’Avril!


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And, one more thing to take note is – April Fools’ Day was not celebrated for the full day in some countries, and you could be taunted if you trick people after noon, so check about the country you are in well before deciding the timing of your trick.

Not to write too much, Happy April Fools’ Day!

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