Saturday, April 28, 2012


I would love to talk about what happened over the last week but it covered so many things and I’m bad at summarising. But here, I have one photo to record down what happened! It was on Thursday, 26th of April 2012, I got this. Well, I was carrying the fridge and when we lifted the thing up we were to fast and it banged right into my chin. I thought it was a normal bruise initially, only felt some rough surface when I touched under the chin and did not went for a mirror to check it out until hours later when I went to the washroom and found the red colour under my chin. It was a small cut but blood did seep out once a while, causing me to quit my swimming schedule for that day. I would not want an infection from that, would I? Anyway, it was not the first time I get such thing on my chin. I got abrasion during a softball match last time and applied some antiseptic for a day, worrying to leave scars behind (my parents were more worried than me in this case – but I do say I did feel concern about this issue at that time – I am vain!). But anyway, the wound is still here now, after two days, not bleeding, but perhaps healing and the bruise is still there. I guess it will be some times before I get to support my head with my chin then.

Satisfying Dinner

To think of how many things I’m behind to post them, I would start with the most recent one, my dinner! Came back from a tenancy agreement signing, exhibition, and a long travelling journey, I had my dinner late and decided to go for Food Culture in Lot One. The first thing I saw when I entered the place was someone eating mee goreng!!! I searched the place to find the long queue in front of the mee goreng stall, so I waited. At the same time, I checked into foursquare to see some recommendation of the ais kacang at that place. But I don’t really eat ais kacang unless it’s my ais kacang kosong! So after I ordered mee goreng punggol, with an extra telur pasembur, I went to dessert stall to ask for ais kacang kosong, and the worker was so experienced that they did to question further and produced just what I wanted!!! This is just so superb. Plus, during the meal, someone next to me were talking about Malaysia news today. It was way too satisfying to have such a meal time!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stem Cell-Cultured Red Blood Cells Surviving in Human

Thanks Tina for sharing with this page and I finally get through it, with lots of help from translators and dictionary. That’s because it’s in French and I had became quite a strange creature towards these blood-y technical terms that I need a bit of Internet for the refresh. And so, I did a small article, which I have to say, lacked creativity but full of my understanding.

So here is the post.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Carmen’s Epic Finalé Video

THIS – is the sign of procrastination. I had always sort ‘procrastination’ as an excuse for laziness and not doing anything. And I myself still have to say, I am too lazy to even get this video done until months after that. Coincidently, it was nearing to the FYP thesis submission that I was done with this video and posted it up. Quite glad that I actually documented something like this, because it is an evidence to someone’s hard work – something like recording what happened before Titanic’s first sail – okay, maybe it’s not a good comparison. But well, I hope you enjoy the video and understands about field trips more. At the meantime, I would like to show my appreciation to such an opportunity given to me. Santé!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Resting Brain in Arts

Just posted a post about Art of Neuroscience competition 2012 here. It’s about the winner’s ‘Brain At Rest’ and a few links to know more about the project and also other submissions. It was always fun to see science and arts together. Frankly speaking, when i first read into the articles, I was reading like this: “The MRI of the what fibre and the grey and white matter – the structural and functional activity from the what is what and what? WHAT?!”. Clearly, I still have plenty to learn, don’t I? It’s good education though and I will do that to try understand and writing them down.

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