Saturday, April 28, 2012


I would love to talk about what happened over the last week but it covered so many things and I’m bad at summarising. But here, I have one photo to record down what happened! It was on Thursday, 26th of April 2012, I got this. Well, I was carrying the fridge and when we lifted the thing up we were to fast and it banged right into my chin. I thought it was a normal bruise initially, only felt some rough surface when I touched under the chin and did not went for a mirror to check it out until hours later when I went to the washroom and found the red colour under my chin. It was a small cut but blood did seep out once a while, causing me to quit my swimming schedule for that day. I would not want an infection from that, would I? Anyway, it was not the first time I get such thing on my chin. I got abrasion during a softball match last time and applied some antiseptic for a day, worrying to leave scars behind (my parents were more worried than me in this case – but I do say I did feel concern about this issue at that time – I am vain!). But anyway, the wound is still here now, after two days, not bleeding, but perhaps healing and the bruise is still there. I guess it will be some times before I get to support my head with my chin then.

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