Saturday, April 28, 2012

Satisfying Dinner

To think of how many things I’m behind to post them, I would start with the most recent one, my dinner! Came back from a tenancy agreement signing, exhibition, and a long travelling journey, I had my dinner late and decided to go for Food Culture in Lot One. The first thing I saw when I entered the place was someone eating mee goreng!!! I searched the place to find the long queue in front of the mee goreng stall, so I waited. At the same time, I checked into foursquare to see some recommendation of the ais kacang at that place. But I don’t really eat ais kacang unless it’s my ais kacang kosong! So after I ordered mee goreng punggol, with an extra telur pasembur, I went to dessert stall to ask for ais kacang kosong, and the worker was so experienced that they did to question further and produced just what I wanted!!! This is just so superb. Plus, during the meal, someone next to me were talking about Malaysia news today. It was way too satisfying to have such a meal time!

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