Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Video of Hazel

Truth to be told, it had been quite some time since I actually make a documentary on someone’s event, not to mention birthday celebrations. I guess, I had been too engrossed in having my own fun in those event rather than capturing every single moment of those fun and fix them on a certain time point inside a video or a frame or a film. Well, not this time, as I get the mood to just do something funny while others were having their time, during Hazel’s birthday.

We had dinner at JustAcia and I just clicked on my camera and captured some video, hoping they could fit into some funny video collage and here is the result.

I picked that song not because Hazel is becoming 23, because she’s not; it’s because I resonant with this song when I realized my age of 23 is leaving at the end of this year and the lyrics did wrote about being 23, although not entirely true. Enjoy!

1 comment:

LittleMissNuttz said...

AHHH! didn't see your post. Love this. love watching it all the way from namibia. makes me miss those times and hope for more!

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