Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crème Caramel from Daiso


Ah, this is not the first time I blogged about crème caramel. In fact, this is not the first time I ate or the first time I make one. But this is the first time I tried a pudding mix from Daiso. The whole packet was two dollars and I just get myself a carton of milk, which is more than enough. I mixed the powder and milk together and poured them into a mould with the caramel and let it to settle in a fridge and voila!

I had doubted about the taste at first, but in contrast, the whole thing tasted quite good and I had even shared it with my housemate. Seeing as how convenient one could prepare a dessert like that, I wouldn’t mind to have crème caramel for most of my dessert until I get sick of it, blargh!

Anyway, this happened before I shifted my house, of course. I am yet to settle into this new environment, blimey!

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