Friday, May 18, 2012

Dance Moves

I would not have believe what I had done. I did have a kind of liking in dance moves, no matter they are energetic or elegant – well maybe not the too slow types. But anyway, I am not a dancing person, and I knew it since secondary school. It was just not something on the top of my to-do list and I just can’t!

And well, things may went a bit awkward when I actually decided to join in the session to learn part of the dance moves in Hwa Chong fac dance, just to be an entertainment for Hazel’s birthday and well, I guess, that’s what I could do for a friend, a floormate. So, I actually spent a few hours being taught the steps and voila! I was extremely slow in learning the steps and I just don’t have the dance spirit in me. Even till now, I was still amazed on what I just got myself into…

Here is a video of the training and the actual performance, Enjoy!

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