Saturday, June 30, 2012

Muggle Quidditch in NUS

Last Saturday, I had a really fulfilling day. 10 am, I was already in U-Town, NUS. I was going to join my friend in Muggle Quidditch. It is still not an official game in university here, but as a person who grew up with this game colouring through the life of Harry Potter over the pages, it is hard to stop the temptation for joining it, even when broomsticks don’t fly.

I later get to tag along as Xiang Yi went to fetch the equipment, which includes chairs, poles and hoops. These were meant to be the goalpost. I helped out in setting up the field. At first, I thought the field looked small, but soon after we start the thing, I understood why it was not on an actual field. The other girl who lead the session welcomed me and she lent us sponge stick as our broomsticks, which was actually a blessing in disguise. Then we started basic rules and games mechanism. The theory part was rather short to avoid boredom and soon we went off for real drill. That was when I know why the field was not too big.

We might have had experience running across a football field and still yell as we passes balls or defending our team, but when it was done with a broomstick between your legs and given that you still have to pass a ball around, the level is more than that. Not only that, on the real game, you have one Quaffle and two Bludgers passing around the field, which make the whole game complicated. I was trying to juggle between holding the Quaffle in one hand and run fast with my other hand with the broomstick or running slowly with both hands with the Quaffle and knees trying to secure the broomstick or trying to do my job as the Beater by attacking players by running as agile as I could with one arm on the Bludger. The Snitch did not appear that day, but as what had been told, in Muggle Quidditch, it served more as an entertainment as a tennis ball will be put inside a sock and left behind the back of the Snitch people. Snitch will have to run away when Seeker try to run around to find it.


This is the field after set up, and the red ball was one of the Bludger. I did not get to play a game or finish more drills as my next on schedule was a real serious stuff too. So I bid them goodbye, hoping I will be able to join in again in near future and waved this field goodbye too…


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SSO Tribute to S R Nathan

Earlier October 2011, thanks to Kelvin's professor who offered us tickets to SSO symphony, we got to attend this orchestra by Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Although, it was not really a full symphony, due to its event actually as a tribute to the former president of Singapore, S R Nathan, I do feel lucky to get such opportunity.

The list of music performed was as below:
Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns
Méditation from Thaïs by Jules Massenet
Salut d'amour Edward Elgar
Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor by Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni
Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 55 'Eroica' (1st movement) by Ludwig van Beethoven

In the end, before we left the building, of course we took a photo at the foyer, since we were not allowed to bring our cameras in and take photos at the grandeuse entrance of the theatre box.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get a Cut from the Pool

I can’t believe this! Just weeks after my last cut under my chin, here is another post on another cut. For your information, my last cut did leave a scar though not really obvious, I have that checked. This time, it was not about my chin, it’s my foot.

To think of it, I got a cut from an interesting place, the pool. I went swimming with Carmen last Thursday and when we were leaving, we usually jump out of the pool, instead of using the pool ladder. Well, lesson learned now as I accidentally kicked one of the tiles at the side and felt sudden pain on my foot. I did not check on it until when I was in the pool shower when I took a look at my foot to see a chunk of meat/flesh out of the foot and I took it off. Yes, I actually pulled it out. And then, I spent the rest of the shower with blood flowing out of the cut and let the water wash them away.

The flow ceased when the shower ended and I had dinner with Carmen. The cut was not attended to until after the meal where I went to get some plaster and nursed it like the picture on the right. It was days ago but now it was not completely healed yet and I still have to wear plasters whenever I was wearing a covered shoes (which was sort of every day because I am working in a laboratory).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fast Food Fest

It was in April, when I was still in CCK when I had this meal. To be honest, and I have no idea if I ever mentioned it in my blog, directly or indirectly, McDonald’s played a big part in my life. I used to like the food and I believe I still do. Many of those around me could not understand how could I like such a fast food when it was openly said to be bad for health and when I was surrounded by so many saliva-stimulating Penang food. But the fact is I do like their food, I have no idea why. Penang food is still good, but that is not going to make me say McDonald’s is bad.

Back to the main story now, ok! Yes, and start from the end of last year, I have came to a terms – a dare game, between me and me. Yes, it’s a daring game, daring myself not to eat McDonald’s and see how long it lasted. I liked and hated playing such game with myself, because I usually come up with some things that had seemed impossible to me but sometimes it gave me really astounding result. It’s sort of a self-disciplined, self-improving session where I might be able to discover another self, experience something new and share a new perspective kind of adventure. So, I successfully passed four months and I’m starting to show signs of lingering around the fast food station longer than I should, stepped into the shop and sniffed before walking out without buying. So I decided it was time for me to take a short break from this daring game. One meal, dinner – I walked into the nearest McDonald’s and ordered my ol’ usual meal of Fillet o’ Fish with no upgrade but usual Coke. I savoured each and every component of the food!

After the main meal, I got a sundae cone from the counter to conclude my dinner. After a long while, I did ate ice cream but McDonald’s ice cream was not exactly the same as other ice cream, so I was so happy to lick the dessert as I walked away from the station, bidding farewell to the fast food, saying hello to many months ahead without fast food again. Let’s hope I improve in this round of daring then.


Wonderful Sweetness


Guess what I’ve found recently, MAOAMs. I had never tried this candy, at least in my conscious memory. I’ve got to know some people liked it a lot but I did not have any special reason to get one until one day I decided to buy one as my snack and the first MAOAMs I got was this stripes of lemon flavour. I had one and I was like :O! This did not mean it is bad, this meant it was good – really good. Remember SUGUS from my childhood, that is almost the same, just that MAOAMs are more softer and full with flavour and sweetness. I would say you do get sick if you eat too much in a short period of time – sick of sweet flavour, but so far, I am still not sick of it.

Other than that, I’m not that bad though, I shared the whole pack with the younger colleagues in my office. Older co-workers were more fond of sweet-deprived diet, while younger ones tend to be sweet teeth people. After this stripes, I do get a Cola flavours stripe and then quite a few small bars of MAOAMs… still yet to finish them. It definitely made my day better just by chewing them. MAOAMs, I feel lucky finding you.

Blueberry Cheese Tart from Yunlan


I’m sorry for mentioning my friends proper name here when she’s sort of the shy type. But this post is to remember my gratefulness when I passed by her on the way from canteen and she gave me one blueberry cheese tart which she made and heated up. She was even worried about it being burned because she believed she overheated it using the microwave. Nonetheless, it did became a bit hardened, but the kindness of her to give me such a luxurious food had undoubtedly overrated the imperfection. Thank you, buddy, for such a nice stuff!

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