Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fast Food Fest

It was in April, when I was still in CCK when I had this meal. To be honest, and I have no idea if I ever mentioned it in my blog, directly or indirectly, McDonald’s played a big part in my life. I used to like the food and I believe I still do. Many of those around me could not understand how could I like such a fast food when it was openly said to be bad for health and when I was surrounded by so many saliva-stimulating Penang food. But the fact is I do like their food, I have no idea why. Penang food is still good, but that is not going to make me say McDonald’s is bad.

Back to the main story now, ok! Yes, and start from the end of last year, I have came to a terms – a dare game, between me and me. Yes, it’s a daring game, daring myself not to eat McDonald’s and see how long it lasted. I liked and hated playing such game with myself, because I usually come up with some things that had seemed impossible to me but sometimes it gave me really astounding result. It’s sort of a self-disciplined, self-improving session where I might be able to discover another self, experience something new and share a new perspective kind of adventure. So, I successfully passed four months and I’m starting to show signs of lingering around the fast food station longer than I should, stepped into the shop and sniffed before walking out without buying. So I decided it was time for me to take a short break from this daring game. One meal, dinner – I walked into the nearest McDonald’s and ordered my ol’ usual meal of Fillet o’ Fish with no upgrade but usual Coke. I savoured each and every component of the food!

After the main meal, I got a sundae cone from the counter to conclude my dinner. After a long while, I did ate ice cream but McDonald’s ice cream was not exactly the same as other ice cream, so I was so happy to lick the dessert as I walked away from the station, bidding farewell to the fast food, saying hello to many months ahead without fast food again. Let’s hope I improve in this round of daring then.


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