Monday, June 11, 2012

Get a Cut from the Pool

I can’t believe this! Just weeks after my last cut under my chin, here is another post on another cut. For your information, my last cut did leave a scar though not really obvious, I have that checked. This time, it was not about my chin, it’s my foot.

To think of it, I got a cut from an interesting place, the pool. I went swimming with Carmen last Thursday and when we were leaving, we usually jump out of the pool, instead of using the pool ladder. Well, lesson learned now as I accidentally kicked one of the tiles at the side and felt sudden pain on my foot. I did not check on it until when I was in the pool shower when I took a look at my foot to see a chunk of meat/flesh out of the foot and I took it off. Yes, I actually pulled it out. And then, I spent the rest of the shower with blood flowing out of the cut and let the water wash them away.

The flow ceased when the shower ended and I had dinner with Carmen. The cut was not attended to until after the meal where I went to get some plaster and nursed it like the picture on the right. It was days ago but now it was not completely healed yet and I still have to wear plasters whenever I was wearing a covered shoes (which was sort of every day because I am working in a laboratory).

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