Saturday, June 30, 2012

Muggle Quidditch in NUS

Last Saturday, I had a really fulfilling day. 10 am, I was already in U-Town, NUS. I was going to join my friend in Muggle Quidditch. It is still not an official game in university here, but as a person who grew up with this game colouring through the life of Harry Potter over the pages, it is hard to stop the temptation for joining it, even when broomsticks don’t fly.

I later get to tag along as Xiang Yi went to fetch the equipment, which includes chairs, poles and hoops. These were meant to be the goalpost. I helped out in setting up the field. At first, I thought the field looked small, but soon after we start the thing, I understood why it was not on an actual field. The other girl who lead the session welcomed me and she lent us sponge stick as our broomsticks, which was actually a blessing in disguise. Then we started basic rules and games mechanism. The theory part was rather short to avoid boredom and soon we went off for real drill. That was when I know why the field was not too big.

We might have had experience running across a football field and still yell as we passes balls or defending our team, but when it was done with a broomstick between your legs and given that you still have to pass a ball around, the level is more than that. Not only that, on the real game, you have one Quaffle and two Bludgers passing around the field, which make the whole game complicated. I was trying to juggle between holding the Quaffle in one hand and run fast with my other hand with the broomstick or running slowly with both hands with the Quaffle and knees trying to secure the broomstick or trying to do my job as the Beater by attacking players by running as agile as I could with one arm on the Bludger. The Snitch did not appear that day, but as what had been told, in Muggle Quidditch, it served more as an entertainment as a tennis ball will be put inside a sock and left behind the back of the Snitch people. Snitch will have to run away when Seeker try to run around to find it.


This is the field after set up, and the red ball was one of the Bludger. I did not get to play a game or finish more drills as my next on schedule was a real serious stuff too. So I bid them goodbye, hoping I will be able to join in again in near future and waved this field goodbye too…


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