Sunday, July 15, 2012

Corpse Bride: When ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ Is a Problem


It would be a shame for not watching this one after so long it had been out, so I finally took an opportunity to have a look into this animation. The story depicted a story of a short period of time but it managed to capture the society status situation right at the beginning of the story. For example, arranged marriage, middle class vying to getting some status through titles while those with titles were struggling to get connected with the rich middle class to get the wealth they greatly deprived. I wouldn’t say this is a love story per se and ‘love story’ will not be my main focus on the plot analysis, because this story brought the concept of ‘love’ to a different level. It has to maintain the conception of ‘love’ during the time settings of the story, but at the same time to deepen the meaning of it. Nonetheless, the music made the story became lively of course. As a whole, the plot was quite simple as it was predictable – but it does not mean it is not worth a watch. It is sometimes, exactly this kind of simple plot with meaning that we, human, need. We had asked for too much action, packaging, effects that sometimes we forgot the essence of movie, sometimes, lie in its meaning – just a simple one will do.


LittleMissNuttz said...

There's a "prequel" coming out. called... Frankenweenie!!! :) I love the sound track for this movie. hauntingly beautiful.

Mafer said...

Haha... I saw the trailer and thought it could be a great story! And yea, soundtracks are the ones who helped bringing out the soul of the movie many a times.. ;)

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