Monday, July 23, 2012

Grass Allergy

Today is Monday, and it was definitely a good day as the weather was sunny while I get to choose between walking outside at the corridor or staying in office with the conditioned air, which was, fairly speaking, chilling. However, one couldn’t enjoy such a luxurious weather if one has grass allergy happening all over the body. Well, that was an exaggeration.

I had softball on Saturday and it means activities on the field and my allergy had not been serious lately because the games played were rather relaxing and entertaining than risking your life sliding through bases. However, this time I was fielding near third base when there was a fly ball coming my way. I went for it but unfortunately I might not have signaled my  teammate well enough about that’s my catch because the pitcher was enthusiastically covering that ball as well. In the end, we ended up in a collision, sending both of us flying and thumped on the ground. When that happened, the first thought that came to my mind was indeed ‘Gosh, I think I’m gonna get it this time…’ but I did not care less and continued the game. What is done is done afterall… Saturday night I felt slight itchiness and woke up on Sunday with small scale rashes. I went for a short run and that afternoon, I have more serious rashes and the condition became worse during late evening. I went to bed with rather swollen leg and I had my air cooler back in room, hoping it would avoid me scratching through the night. I was ranting that I had just washed my bed sheet and it would be such a coincidence that after I changed a new set then I need to wash again because of bloody sheets. But anyway, last night I survived without any scratching. At least, without any that cause any physical evidence that I could set my eye upon. But the rashes, which was now on my arms and legs were not a good sensation when I need to go to work in trousers and I keep having stinging sensation when I rubbed my arms against my shirt. That’s annoying, to some extent – and very distracting.

So, what is this about actually. I had always deduced it was an allergy or bacterial infection due to grass and of course, I did my search. Thanks to the availability of Internet, I managed to find out roughly what might be the problem. It might be something that is called grass allergy or things that could be related to hay fever. Primarily, it was caused by grass pollen. The other possibility was my skin was sensitive to the cuts made by grass blades. However, I do feel confused because I did not have any allergy reaction towards pollens inhalation. At this sense, I meant at least I don’t have sneezing problem on a field. In a lab, I do sneeze, but field – no. So, if it is hay fever or grass pollen allergy, how could I get effects on skin and not inhalation? (Not that I wanted that to happen – I wish it was a less complicated thing so that it could be cured…). Anyway, this is what was on my mind whole day, except those interesting newsfeed that I get to read of course. But yea, how could this not be on my mind when the sensation was sending impulse to my brain each and every second that I was conscious, right?

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