Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My First Henna!

Yes, what you saw in the video was the process of me getting my first Henna experience! And to know how I felt about this experience, this is the photo to show it:

It was actually during my stay with Carmen over the students’ vacation. But, Carmen and I were working and we get to chill out after work hours in hostel room, which was already very very nice. She went to some activities in the temple and there were leftovers from the organic Henna ink, so she offered to have a go on it and there we go! First, Carmen drew my right hand, with her signature hand band style and after, with my name in Greek, ΜΑΦΕΡ.

Then, I went on to try myself, hoping I don’t ruin the whole thing. It was rather familiar as it felt like practicing the icing, which happened during my part time job in a bakery. Though, of course, there were limitation, such as I could not draw things that are too small or detailed. So, of all things, my first object drawn on my left hand, was a TARDIS! At the same time, my left hand was left to dry off and we could see the drying form here…

I even added wording around it after that!

At the same time, Carmen did hers since her old ones went off. She wrote what she did best, nice quotes that are encouraging and happy. This is what she wrote and she was definitely happy about it.

While we were trying to wait for the drying, greedy me wanted more! I decided to have a Dalek on my arm instead of Dark Mark – simply because Dark Mark was too complicated for me. I drafted a Dalek on a paper and proceeded to draw the ink on my arm. It ended quite well and the Deathly Hallow symbol was added to show my remain fandom to something that i grew up with. Too bad I was not very fond of having a face drawn on my arm then…

The drying costs us the whole night and we went off for shower and sleep right after that. The result of the Henna will be posted in another since it was not until the next day that I started to admire the beauty of the art, haha!

Photo album here.

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