Thursday, July 19, 2012


By the end of April, my contract with the CCK rental expired and I have to pack my things and be ready to shift out of the house. The rental for the new house will only start after the first week of May and there will not be any Internet and fridge and everything because everyone else were not in and using some of the facilities will just add on to a bill with no one willing to pay. Luckily, my old housemates were kind enough to let me put my things in the house at the moment as I shift and slept in Carmen’s room in hall. I would say, this period of time, I was blessed with all the love from people around me, especially my old housemates and Carmen.

So, since I were to move out of my room, I decided to reveal my room in this video. Instead of seeing the same whitewashed background, this time, you will get to see my room in a more detail scale!

Anyway, that happened in end of April/early May – so it was quite long ago, haha!

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