Sunday, July 01, 2012

Usport Softball

For the previous two Saturdays, I had been honoured to get the chance to join in the Mud Dogs team for Usport Softball. Frankly, I had never thought I would ever get to touch softball again after my graduation and was so happy when I get to play on Saturdays with Saturday Softball people. And just weeks ago, one of the player asked if we wanted to join in the tournament. Of course, they team was very relaxed and friendly.

I missed the first week of the tournament because I went back home. However, the following two weeks, I went. The first week was in Anchorvale field and the field was pretty much a field or meadow. The second week was in Padang, which is near SRC and SCC. Imagine my happiness when I found out I get to play on such a historical field!

And so it is as the field I played in was just next to the war memorial.


The other teams ranged from different types of team. There were teams who actually practiced for the game and I would say this tournament was the most relaxing one for me. And perhaps it was that that made me complacent at some point. Give and take, there were pros and cons along the line. In the end, I got goodie bag that actually give out free softball. And I enjoyed the game.


After the game, we had a drink somewhere and decided to continue for a second round of games in NUS SRC! So, I ended up playing till six pm. It was really an enthralling experience and weekend.

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