Friday, August 31, 2012

External and Internal

I planned to write about this for days, or even weeks or for the whole of my life time, but I have never actually consider writing it out because I did not know if this is normal or right or human. But I did dropped hints here and there, and I do think being able to express these little information across the social network does help lessen the symptoms even though there were no readers. However, one of my friends did noticed one of my facebook message and she asked about it. I tried to explain to her but I reckoned I might not have did a good job. Nonetheless, I have no idea how to describe what happened, so I would like to put it in a context. And it goes like that:

When I was accused, or not being treated fairly or have something I don’t understand, I could feel my energy level building up. I have always have excessive energy in myself and the fact that I could not express these energy made things worse sometimes. Anyway, energy level increase. What happened? I will still continue with my own work, whatever it was. But, in my mind, things was not like that. I am running along the corridor, yelling! I walk with angst across the counter, swiping my arms repeatedly across all the things, and they better be small scattery stuff, and I fling all of them across the counter, shouting! I push heavy objects off its place around the room. I spread my arms wide and shout to the sky, wishing someone would hear me – the sound that never left my lungs. I pound my fist on the wall, wishing it would collapse, the more it don’t, the more I grunt with frustration. I throw things on the floor and stepped on them like an angry person on cockroaches. I jumped on the empty floor, yelled. Then I lie down on the floor, with sweat, looking at the sky, stoned. – I was still continuing whatever I was doing.

See how difficult it is to explain what happened?

I was not sure how bad or normal this is. All I know was, whatever happened in my head would be very wrong if they truly happened – that was the thing that stopped me from realizing what I did in my mind, but after all these it would be very tiring. It was as though I really did all those things but you added more frustration because you are tired at mind and not tired physically. I wondered if this is because I am Earthling, just like the Earth, I was calm externally, but inside there was fire raging. Although this does not happen all the time, I do wonder if there is a way to change the way things happened…

Well, what a rant! hmm…

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hugo: Incredible Adaption


Hugo is a movie adapted to the novel/story book The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. Given that I have read the book after the movie, I will be discussing about the book in a separated post while honouring this post to the movie alone. The movie did not only did well in translating words/pictures into a motion picture solely for the sake of changing the media format. Instead, the director, Martin Scorsese, put it into a context current generation could understand. Personally, I had not watched any of Scorsese’s directed film before except Shutter Island and Hugo. I find the latter one more entertaining than Shutter Island. I would say, in specific, I would like to congratulate John Logan for arranging the screenplay so amazingly good. For most of the time, when there is a movie based on a book (which happened most of the time nowadays), the comment would be ‘I prefer the book’ except for a few exceptions. And this time, Hugo is an exception. The story was modified, in a good way, and still maintain the mysterious of Hugo’s world, the mental of his thinking and with the magic of coloured picture we have now, they added colours to the black and white the book might have been deprived of. The visual of the movie was spectacular. The colours, the architecture, the cinematography, the settings and cast arrangements are all that was fitting in so well. Especially in the station, it is really appraisable how they fit in the people to create the busy environment, at the same time with the shops – mixing in a variety of people, busy, relaxing, confusing kind of people. It showed Paris – in a railway station! The whole thing is just beautiful! Other than that, I could not help but to applause for the impressive masterpiece by Howard Shore. After what he had done to Lord of the Rings, I noticed his work and undoubtedly Hugo became yet another great platform he performed with the soundtracks. It fitted right to the settings of France yet not too Frenchy. It brings the audience into the story, through the action, through the emotion – preventing us from a boring journey. Nonetheless, of course I would say the casts were superb in the acting as they are the one who brought the story to life, on screen. Starring Asa Butterfield, Chloe Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen and many more. Overall, I rate this movie excellent, not only for its technical value, but for its artistic value too.

Trailer is available here:

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