Monday, September 03, 2012

Media Treat on a Lazy Sunday: Soufflé!

Truly speaking, there was not much soufflé to talk about on Sunday except on two occasions. Due to time difference, Doctor Who Series 7 first episode was only up on Sunday morning and I was watching it after my mere breakfast. I did not diminish my breakfast because of the episode, of course. It was me playing with my newly-acquired zero dollar phone for far too much that I forgot all about the bread and ended up only gulping down the French press and nibbled a meager piece of whole meal bread before setting my vision for the new series I have waited over the summer. The episode was fairly well, it did not boom my mind but it did not go under my expectation as well. Things were sort of within expectation except that wonderful yet-to-be companion of Doctor Who – the Soufflé girl, Oswin Oswald. She was wonderful and beautifully written. *WHOOPS!* I shall stop reviewing the episode and leave it to other post. This post is about food! And yes, and after that I went for Jurong Town Hall area to get something for my new phone. Being said as a zero dollar phone, it was not totally out of my care. I spent forty five bucks for its care: ten for the case, another ten for screen protector and another twenty five for a 8GB SD card (this part is more for my own use rather than the phone’s care though). Anyway, after that we set off to Robertson Quay!

Yes, we stopped at Clemenceau Ave just like how we did when we went for Hummerston’s. We walked slightly further down the road by the river and we saw Bella Pasta, which is in fact not where we were supposed to be. Bella Pizza, however, was situated a few doors down the street and we waited for tables before settling down for the lunch. We had Pizza Salmone, Pizza Bella Pizza, Pizza Quattro Formaggi, Pizza Mascarpone, Spaghetti Al Nero Di Seppia and Lasagna di Carne. The pizzas are really good. Pizza Salmone was totally savoury with the salmon topping still fresh on top. Pizza Bella Pizza was like a English breakfast on a pizza where you get salami with the sauce on top – savoury. Pizza Mascarpone was all about Mushroom and I think it is pretty good because of the mushrooms. Quattro Formaggi was exceptional as the cheese was so cheese and the blue cheese was just fabulous to fit into the tray of cheesiness.


The next big thing was the squid ink pasta, which was good too. The portion may looked okay here, but when you put it into your mouth you will start asking for more pasta! Despite what it did to you after you eat it, everyone tasted it and the flavour is there – syiok a! I can’t say much to lasagna because I don’t eat beef…



After the lunch, we had our walk to Laurent’s Cafe and Chocolate Bar. One thing to say about the place is that the first thing that welcomed us were two big sets of couch, which was psychologically attracting all of us to laze around under the Sunday weather. So this is what basically happened, phones out when there’s time. The fortunate thing was phone was not impeding the social activities like it had been mocked in movies. Instead, we did have topics of mobiles, which was rather good for a tech-dummy like me.


Enough about the people, now food. I would say that their chocolate is okay – mediocre. I had the Soufflé (See what I mean here?), the ice cream and a cup of rum and raisin hot chocolate. They are good drinks but to put it with the name ‘chocolatier’ would be a bit too much.


Photos here.

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