Thursday, September 06, 2012

New Member in the Art Department

Bravo, bravo! Yes, just a few months ago, I added one new member in my art instrument collection. Schedules and activities have been keeping me from blogging about it though I did grabbed some opportunities to get a try on that new tool. In fact, I have always wanted something like that, a tablet. So here is the member, let me introduce all of you to Wacom Bamboo Pen:

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Just few months ago, I went to IT Shows in Singapore. As usual, I have no idea what to get because there are so many gadgets that I want to have but the rational-me told me I don’t need all of them. And I came across the flyer of this booth. Well, when did I get to know about Bamboo? Secondary school, perhaps. I liked arts in nature, and I draw when I feel like. Despite the fact  that I did not actually enjoy Arts class in school because we have examination on theories and restriction on art topics sometimes, I do still draw – and I was crazy about cartoons since young. When I was in primary school, I liked to draw animé, or what I called cartoon at that age. By late primary, I decided to come up with my own style of drawing and at the same time I flipped through different materials of manga drawing. In fact, all the time, I was exposed to drawing techniques like collage or shading using manual tools until secondary school. I discovered that some artist nowadays don’t really draw on paper as a whole anymore, there are so many things on the computer – like digital drawing. I started to learn about photoshops and fireworks – which subsequently led me to learn flash and website building. But nonetheless, digital drawing did led me to realize how much pain it was to draw using a mouse, even though it is achievable. And hence, I found tablet and especially Wacom that has always had really good reputation for graphics.

I got a most basic ones, which is Bamboo Pen and I liked the pen pressure thing, which made the drawing lively instead of mouse-drawn rigid lines, really like this one.

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