Thursday, September 06, 2012

Oil Pastels over the Sky

Remember the days when you went to Art lessons and you were asked to colour your drawings using some oily sticks called crayons? I do. I did not really liked their smell and I hated how you have to wash your hands to their bones to skin the lumps of residue away. I was not very keen with oil pastels contaminating your drawings at area it was not supposed to be. So, when I was finally transferred to the water colour class, I was rather happy, even though they did not smell much nicer either. I occasionally still use oil pastels in my work but that was rare until later age, perhaps during my upper secondary school or high school. Maybe it is because I was older that i started to reminiscence stuff, maybe not. I slowly take up crayon as one of my art medium. When I came to Singapore, I did not bring any art instrument, but things changed after years as I do bring some of the colour pencils when I go back home in Penang. Last year, I got myself a box of oil pastel and here is the first work I did, I think. It looked ugly as I have totally lose the feel and sensitivity of pastel colours after years of ignoring it. But, it does not mean it has to be that bad forever. So, here you go:

Sun and Cloud by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

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