Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Painted Veil: A Review


It was quite some time since I watched this movie. I had no idea where or how I came across with this title but I watched it anyway. The Painted Veil, is a cinematically so-so but storyline-wise it is good.


It is a movie about a European bacteriologist, Walter, his marriage and a life in China where cholera spread during that time. He found his wife, Kitty during an event while at the same time Kitty was eager to get married in order to escape from her family. In the end, a marriage based on weak relationship was forged. Kitty went by and commit adultery with Townsend, a married consul. Their affair was later found out by Walter and he wanted to punish Kitty by divorcing her or bringing her to China (which by that time, was believed to be a really terrible life). Kitty asked Walter to divorce her but Walter decided he will only do so if Townsend would divorce his current wife for Kitty. As per usual, Townsend did not take the deal. Hence, the couple so angry with each other set off to China, to a rather rural area. Through the life there, the two slowly discover each other’s strength and slowly developed a real relationship when Kitty found she was pregnant. Though Kitty thought the child might not be Walter’s, Walter insisted it does not matter. At the same time, the movie showed the work of curing and slowing down cholera. But fate forced Walter to succumbed to the very disease he was treating, leaving Kitty to take care of him till his death.

The end of the story showed Kitty with her son years later, on a street. They met Townsend and realizing the kid might be his, Townsend thought of reunite with Kitty but the mother and son walked away. When Walter Junior asked who was that, Kitty simple answered ‘No one important.’

*Spoilers end*

Yes, this is a love story – but not the usual love story. It did drew a deeper meaning – the commitment. I find it rather difficult to describe what I felt about this movie, but I find it interesting as it did not show the common meet-love-happily ever after kind of love affair. Not only does the love affair became the topic of the movie, the movie showed China during that time, devastated by cholera, water system and several observations could be seen through the film to feel at the settings.

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