Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Way to KEVII Hall

The Way to KEVII Hall by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Halfway through my journey of using the oil pastel, I got an inspiration when I walked to hall one day. From my workplace, I sometimes walked back hall for the hall food since there were still people from my year in hall. And the scenery, the sky, the wind – these, are always the best inspiration. Even when I was a student, I find the trip on Kent Ridge road inspiring. With such inspiration, I drew what I embedded above. This original painting was signed (I think) and is no longer in my possession. I gave this painting to Carmen during her 23rd birthday as a gift. I do give drawings to friends as gift but not all the time. I just thought that a fellow KEVIIan like her would share the same sentiment as me about this road, especially she had been walking the same road as me for such a long period of time.

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