Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom: A Charming Film


The first thing that came to my mind about this movie? The colour. The radiance was just so incredibly welcoming. It looked like some non-realistic movie with a group of scouts and a family, but I watched it anyway. Wes Anderson made this story one that took place on a rather remote island. It was about a boy scout, Sam Shakusky, who fall in love with a troubled girl, Suzy Bishop, and their plan to run away together.


In between, the movie explored with them their interesting adventure together. Not only that, it explored the behaviour of the characters though not very obviously. It was prominent with how the troubled Suzy preferred to observe around using her binoculars, where some of the scenes were filed through the eye piece, seems to urge us audience to plunge into her emotional state, to understand how she looks at the world.


The life of boy scouts was never thought to be so interesting, at least to me. When I was in the cadet, we had our life, we had our time but it was so distinctly separated from my personal life. When I get back home, I’m back to my Home self. But in Moonrise Kingdom, it was like their life that the Scoutmaster had become their leader. The movie was filled with comedy and funny moment, and even moments when you find it awkwardly funny.


And it was a warm movie in the end. The group of scouts who boycotted Sam at first ended up helping their comrade in running away from being send away to an orphanage. The adventure was amplified by really suitable sound effects and good ol’ 60s songs, which made the whole movie nice.

Moonrise Kingdom


If you were to compare this movie with others, I will have no comment at all. But I would say this is a movie worth your time, because there is substance!


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