Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mummy’s Birthday

Not sure if the title says the message clearer or the photo actually did it. And by the way, yesterday was Mummy’s birthday and being so away from her, I have to do something at least. This year, I posted her a card. I think I posted something before but that was not an every year thing. I wanted to send an e-card but it would be a challenge for her to even check it out of her mailbox, so I guessed better of it. Weeks ago, I made the card and posted it back with a message to ask anyone with the letter not to open it until her birthday and she actually pretended she did not get the letter until I asked.

Yesterday morning, I called back before going out for work to greet her Happy Birthday and she sounded rather happy. But of course the call was short. I might still on my way to work – she was already at work. She was directing the traffic for those students and she did not want to get distracted by the phone call. So I made it short and hang up the phone.

My post will end here, because I know if I start to write about Mummy – it will be a very very long story. She is just not someone I can just describe with a few word. I wish her health and happiness – and feel grateful for having a mother like her!

P.S. Pleasure made a card for her too.

P.S.S. I made a card for Pleasure too. (Shhh…)

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