Friday, November 09, 2012

Brave: Not a Usual Courage


To be critical, the basic concept of this animation was just like most Disney animation. However, what was interesting was that the settings was in older times of Scotland. The soundtracks were doing great to bring out the culture and the flow of the story. Plot-wise, it was plain moral story, which was fine actually, just not for those who expect some blockbusters. Brave was interpreted not just of the usual courage we might have defined. Instead, it chose a female main character during that time line to be the one who bring out the word ‘brave’. This is where the concept get interesting. She showed courage from the aspect of physical strength to mental as she went through her challenges. The moral of the story was very simple, but warmed the heart. Other than that, the effort on accents in the animation was quite prominent and greatly appreciated as it was accompanied by amazing soundtracks. Worth watching!


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