Monday, November 12, 2012

Desperate Celebration

It would be too obvious that the photo above was not by me because since when did I decorate my photos as such, right? BUT, I appreciate it nonetheless. Soo Ling arranged a meet up with me just the day after my birthday, desperately. And I was like ‘why on earth do you really need to meet me around these days?’ because I had my schedule planned. But it was not easy to meet fellow boatmates after coming to Singapore so I shall cherish each moment and agreed to meet up at McDonald’s in Plaza Singapura.

I just ate my allowed McDonald’s portion the other day and I definitely can’t have a meal. So, I had apple pie with lemon tea, which was treated by Soo Ling. And she even came with a cake, a card and a present. It was quite surprising because she managed to hide them all in her bag – amazing bag. This is the mousse…

And look at that lovely cup. If I am going to use it, it is as though it is my birthday everyday!!! Love that cup/mug!

At the same time, we edited pH’s photo in to co-celebrate her birthday which was a few days after me. Since she was not around, I ‘helped’ her to finish up that mousse cake Smile with tongue out!

Finally, thanks boatmates!

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